Criteria for joining Youth, Women, Senior Citizen Empowerment Program:

  1. The participant must be Indian National.
  2. The participant must do Yoga and Propagate it around their own world i.e. parents, family members, friends & neighbors.
  3. The participant must be self-committed and motivated by the soul for youth, women, and senior citizen empowerment.

Terms & Conditions for Eligibility :

  1. The Youth (18 – 35 years), women, and senior citizens who can make further 02 people only in a day then he/she will be eligible for joining the Youth, Women, Senior Citizen Empowerment Program.
  2. All Participants must be mobile savvy.
  3. Eligible participants will be treated equally.
  4. The Donation Amount of ₹11 ( Eleven ) will be paid by each and every participant for joining the empowerment program.
  5. All transactions will be made and accepted via online method only ( cash transactions are not allowed in any case )